Fraser Shipyards, Inc.

Tradition that spans three centuries.

The following article, written by Patrick Lapinski and originally printed in the Duluth Seaway Port Authority’s Winter 2003 magazine, does an excellent job of recapping the history of Fraser Shipyards. The article is reprinted here with both Patrick Lapinski’s and the Port Authority’s permission.

The origins of today’s modern shipyard can be traced to 1889, when Alexander McDougall moved his whaleback shipbuilding operation from Duluth to an undeveloped strip of land along Howard’s Pocket in West Superior. On Christmas Day, 1891, leading a team of men and horses, McDougall initiated construction on what was destined to become perhaps his greatest and most overlooked legacy to the Twin Ports shipbuilding industry, a timber graving dock. The dry dock at Superior instantly became not only the first one built on Lake Superior, but also the largest dry dock on the Great Lakes….

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